Business opportunities for water technology suppliers in Canada!

Canadian Natural is looking for novel technologies and technology providers to support their water management priorities. Find out what they need and submit your application.

Canadian Natural is a leading R&D investor in the Canadian crude oil and natural gas sector, with over $3.9 billion invested since 2009.

Moreover, Canadian Natural works to be a global leader in water management, striving to achieve a balance between reduced water use and increased recycling rates, and potential impacts on water quality and GHG emissions.

Their focus is on exploring water management initiatives and opportunities that address the key priorities below:

  • Treatment of oil sands mining process-affected water with minimal energy requirements, while also maintaining protection of the environment and public health.
  • Reduced water use intensity for in situ operations, while decreasing GHG emissions and waste water disposal. Water treatment innovations focus on chemical, physical and mechanical treatments and preference is given to those that are economic and have low GHG emissions impact.

If you have a technology that supports any of the technology opportunities listed above please visit Canadian Natural’s technology portal for more information and to apply.