EU Techbridge New York – Applications for 1:1 Meetings are now open!

Engage with North American end-users interested in your Cleantech Solutions

EU Techbridge provides European SMEs with opportunities to meet 1:1 with partners in the US and Canada to explore the potential for business collaboration.
We are pleased to announce that applications for 1:1 meetings with the end users are now open! Applications will close on February 21st, 2021

End-users and technology needs:

– Urban Systems urbs, a true systems integrator that is working with Hines towards decarbonising buildings in New York, with a focus on Hudson Square Properties. They are looking for technologies related to energy reduction in buildings: thermal energy production and distribution, heat pumps, energy storage, energy distribution

– ConEdison, one of the leading American utilities, is looking for technologies for building retrofit and energy management. In particular, building envelope retrofits that are sensitive to preserving old building, gas efficiency and demand management, electrification of heating and cooling systems, integrated controls to improve the performance and use of heat pumps, and real-time energy system monitoring in buildings.

– The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Energy Office, which is working on programs to recover energy and resources from: residential and commercial wastewater, industrial wastewater, stormwater, and food waste

– The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services, as part of the IDEA project, which aims to reduce the city’s emissions by working on buildings, is looking at technologies related to building controls, energy storage, HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) optimisation, and renewable energy.

– The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is conducting several green infrastructure programmes focused on stormwater management in the city, and is researching technologies and solutions related to Distributed green Infrastructure.

 How to apply:  

  1. Fill the application form, present your innovative solution and hit “send”. You can be selected to pitch your solution to the relevant end-user and engage in new business opportunities in the North American market!
  2. Join our EU Techbridge Platform on SOLVED, a digital platform to build a community of EU SMEs interested in the North American market. Here we will upload news, events and specific project opportunities in which you can request to join. If this is your first time on the digital platform you will need to create a profile. 
  3. See detailed descriptions of the challenges and opportunities here. Request to join the group(s) to start interacting with other interested SMEs and to keep up with updates form the end-users!

Did you miss the webinar? 

You can always watch the recording and check the presentations at the following link:


For more information on the application and selection process contact the EU Techbridge team at

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