New round of Request For Proposals by WaterStart is open for global innovators!

EU Techbridge supports WaterStart Las Vegas with their Request For Proposals (RFP) programme. This is a programme wherein WaterStart requests proposals from technology companies to solve immediate demands for technology solution by their global members active in the water sector. If you are a company that is ready deploy your solution with one of their member agencies, please apply!

In this RFP they are tackling Data challenges. This round’s priorities include:

Drinking Water Priorities

1. Remote control and actuation of water distribution line valves (line/sluice/butterfly)

2. Drone Data Management

3. Extension of radio frequency coverage in tunnel environment

Wastewater Priorities

4. Consolidation of asset and process data across the wastewater network

5. Smart monitoring of sludge blanket levels in the wastewater system

Following a competitive selection process, WaterStart will award grants ranging from $25,000 to $150,000 to assist with the deployment of projects (i.e.,

pilots) with member agencies. Subsequently, results captured from projects are regularly showcased to our global network to enhance collective learning and collaboration opportunities.

Deadline for submission is Friday 19 November 2021.

For more information about the RFP and the application process, click here below: