NODA has received a prestigious assignment in Manhattan by participating in EU Techbridge

EU Techbridge is thrilled to share its first success case: the collaboration between NODA and NYSERDA in the framework of their programme to make New York State carbon neutral!

NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority) has been one of the first entities to collaborate with EU Techbridge. They have involved European SMEs in opportunities related to the Green Building sector in New York, where a major investment is underway to make high-rise buildings and skyscrapers carbon neutral. NYSERDA has set aside $ 6.8 billion for such ambitious goal. In addition, it is estimated that private actors will contribute with further funding.

NODA Intelligent System, which is a member of Sustainable Business Hub, is one of the companies in a consortium that has been selected for a project to rebuild a 17-story building in Hudson Square in Manhattan.

How it all happened

Two parallel processes led to this success. On the one hand, the consulting company URBS was looking for companies that could deliver the technology that was needed to present a complete solution. After a selection process, NODA was selected. Last year, the consortium was developed and the documentation was submitted during the autumn.

At the same time, NODA was involved in EU Techbridge. Within the project, NODA participated in meetings with NYSERDA and was given the opportunity to talk directly with the potential buyers.

– Techbridge has served as a platform for gathering information. It has been an advantage for us to be involved in the project, it meant that we were already known to NYSERDA when they got the documentation. The meetings with them have also given us a better understanding of the problem.

Christian Johansson, CEO of NODA

NODA will deliver digital solutions for analysis and control. They work with thermal AI and their system will coordinate the use of heating and cooling in the building. Unlike traditional control systems, NODA’s AI-based solution is self-learning and proactive. Based on available measurement data the system learns itself over time and gets better as time goes by, which means that the system can adapt to the property’s needs in the future.

The total investment for the project is 35 million dollars, of which 5 million comes from NYSERDA while the rest is private funding. The total effort to make the entire state carbon neutral is $ 6.8 billion.

– For us, it is a huge deal!

Christian explains

Congratulations to NODA, and good luck for your future activities!