Project Greenlight testimonial – The partnership with the EU Techbridge project

The EU Techbrdige project has aimed to facilitate the matching of innovative European SMEs with North American based end-users/corporate buyers which are looking for innovative water and energy solutions.

By setting up an intensive matchmaking programme (virtual and physical), concrete challenges from North American corporate buyers were matched with innovative solutions from European SMEs.

One of the various partnerships that project partners have entered into is with Project Greenlight.

Project Greenlight was created by Vancouver Economic Commission – supported by program delivery partner Foresight – and aims to accelerate this transition to a cleaner and smarter future by using challenge-based calls for innovation that enable public and private enterprises to rapidly source, screen and onboard solutions.

Project Greenlight is part of an overarching strategy to enhance Vancouver’s green and smart-city brand, and make a positive economic and environmental impact.

EU Techbridge project partners interviewed John McPherson – Senior Manager, Economic Transformation at Project Greenlight – to get feedback on project activities and on the opportunities a program like this can provide for accelerating the green transition and fostering internationalization.

McPherson stated that:

the Project Greenlight’s partnership with EU Techbridge has created a solid foundation for establishing international relationships between Canadian industry and European innovators within the clean tech and low carbon sectors.

Working with EU Techbridge has opened up a wide variety of opportunities in Canada for innovators from Europe to bring their new investment ideas and innovative technologies to support Vancouver’s ecosystem to fight climate emergency and become a more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable community.

John McPherson – Senior Manager, Economic Transformation at Project Greenlight