Samotics and EU Techbridge, a successful partnership!

Internationalisation opportunities for European SMEs to the US: the Samotics case.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is a regional government agency that provides water reclamation and flood management services for about 1.1 million people in 28 communities in the Greater Milwaukee Area (U.S.).

MMSD, in collaboration with the Water Council, launched a public call to research innovative technologies related to water treatment and management. MMSD’s challenges were presented in the webinar “Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s innovation needs” held on December 9, 2021 as part of the EU Techbridge project activities.

MMSD collected and evaluated multiple applications received from international companies and, based on the response to their needs, decided to meet with some of them including Samotics – which learned about the opportunity through Water Alliance, one of the partners of the EU Techbridge project.

Samotics is a company focused on solving the problem of unplanned downtime and energy waste for global industrial companies. To address MMSD’s technology needs, Samotics offered a solution to reduce costs, risk and energy in water distribution & treatment.

MMSD expressed interest in this technology and requested to meet with the team to learn more about their approach to energy and asset monitoring and optimization.

Once again, through the EU Techbridge project, two international entities have connected and had the opportunity to develop synergies and initiate potential collaborations.

Rogier de Groot – Commercial Lead Energy Efficiency and Water at Samotics – said that the added value of programs like EU Techbridge is precisely to:

create relevant connections and make introductions with commercial partners in non-European countries for EU based companies.

Rogier de Groot

He also stated that:

the most positive experience of presenting our technology to a North American stakeholder is expressed by getting specific market information on the American market.

Rogier de Groot

Congratulations to Samotics, and good luck for your future activities!