Webinar :”Water in the City: bringing circularity to urban water management”

The panel, organised within the Circular City Week New York, is hosted by CLEAN, EU Techbridge and Access City.

Dealing with water in urban areas is becoming a growing issues for cities. Climate adaption strategies are now focusing on ways to manage heavy rainfalls that can make water become part of the cities we live in. Solutions are moving away from just piping water out of the cities. Nowadays, new blue-green solutions and ways to reuse water in cities that are not only protecting urban areas from severe flooding but are becoming part of the usable infrastructure for the cities. 

During this event you will hear from NYC Department of Environmental Protection on the challenges they face in water reuse and how new technologies and solutions can help solve these challenges.

Scott Allison, from the EU Techbridge consortium, will moderate the panel.


  • Alan Cohn, Managing Director NYC Department of Environmental Protection
  • Nanna Ravn hoegh – Co-owner at LNH Water
  • Fernando Ramirez – Managing Director at Hydraloop Systems 

The session will take place on Thursday, 25th March from 15.00 to 15.45 CET.

Register to hear all about water reuse-related challenges and solutions in cities!